The K2 K-Drama Hindi Dubbed Download [Google Drive]

The K2 K-Drama Hindi Dubbed Download [Google Drive]

The K2 K-Drama Hindi Dubbed Download [Google Drive]

The K2 is a 2016 South Korean tv collection starring Ji Chang-wook and Im Yoon-ah. It premiered on tvN each Friday and Saturday at 20:00 (KST) from September 23 to November 12, 2016 for 16 episodes.

Kim Je-ha (an alias) is a former mercenary soldier for the percent Blackstone. even as in Iraq, he gets framed for the murder of his lover Raniya, a civilian. As a result, he runs away and will become a fugitive. He returns to South Korea and by means of danger is obtainable paintings as a bodyguard by means of Choi Yoo-jin, 

the proprietor of JSS protection corporation and spouse of presidential candidate Jang-Se joon. He accepts the job in exchange for assets that he wishes to get his revenge on every other presidential candidate, Park Kwan-soo, who formerly ordered Raniya's killing. Je-ha is assigned to guard pass An-na, the hidden daughter of Jang Se-joon whose life is constantly threatened because of Yoo-jin, her stepmother.

 An-na, who has been a recluse and lonely all her life, starts offevolved counting on Je-ha, who suggests difficulty for her and protects her at all fees. They slowly fall in love, inflicting Je-ha to be torn between having to work together with his boss, Yoo-jin, to allow him to take revenge on Park Kwan-soo and protective his newfound love, An-na, against the desires of Yoo-jin.

The drama is written by way of scriptwriter Jang Hyuk-rin, who wrote Yong-friend (2015) and directed through Kwak Jung-hwan of community Hero (2016).

Being depicted with a bodyguard action subject, the drama applied various fighting strategies consisting of systema, taekwondo, aikido, and jujutsu for its motion scenes. It became the first Korean tv drama to introduce the Bullet Time impact.

the first script reading become held in August 2016 on the CJ E&M middle in Seoul, South Korea. Filming started in September.

some scenes of the drama, generally in episodes 1 and 2, had been filmed in Catalonia The relaxation of the collection become apparently filmed in Korea.

simply ignore the terrible evaluations and WATCH IT.

Giselle17105 July 2020

Can this storyline be any better? No. Can there be this kind of higher sturdy lady antagonist? surely no longer. I cherished the reality that this drama saved the everyday ok drama romance aside and honestly flourished a unique complex by no means seen earlier than chemistry between protagonist male and antagonist woman. Bravo to the actress playing Choi Yoon. might have rated this drama a stable 6 without her in it. i used to be careworn about what Kim Je Ha actually notion about Choi Yoon even though. How come he requested nothing approximately her to mirror? properly, i used to be in cloud 9 after looking this. i hope u can be too!

"Straighten your back and raise your head. Your enemies are watching."

Cps181821 January 2020

i have watched this drama a long time in the past, or even in spite of everything this time there's some thing approximately The K2 that just virtually remains inside the air. What makes this drama taste one-of-a-kind is the complex relationship between the hero, lead actor Ji Chang Wook, and the antihero tune Yun-ah. unexpected. And their acting competencies. notable.

 Scenography, storyline and cast are good enough maximum of the time, and impressive on some occasions, the action scenes seriously properly performed (lead actor is extraordinary in combat abilties and stunts) and the plot simply fascinating. The antagonists in this drama are thrilling and nicely portrayed, however the actual magic takes place while the hero K2 and Madame Choi take the scene. As actors, they excelled. 

On their very own and together. The evolution in their courting inside the drama is unexpected, tough to recognize at the beginning, strange. The man or woman of Madame Choi is something you won't overlook effortlessly... if you truely understand what is taking place. one of the most outstanding antihero available. really worth watching.

complex but interesting to watch

donkrishna-dk1 September 2020

i used to be type pessimistic that Ji Chang Wook may want to play nicely in this film considering the fact that his face is just too good-looking, too friendly, and too smooth to cast a fantastically trained spec ops soldier. I idea So Ji Sub might be better for this role considering he is bigger and has tougher face than him. but after I see him performing on this film my doubt disappear. 

He must learn and prepared very well in this film due to the fact i'm able to see hungry predatory stare on his eyes and additionally displaying first-rate athletic and preventing skill.  thumbs up for Ji Chang Wook. additionally I provide unique credit to track Yun-ah who played the position as clever formidable beautiful and difficult chaebol heirs which you could infrequently inform whether she is definitely beneficiant or just a gimmick to get sympathy from people. 

Ji Chang Wook individual become 1/2 forced to cooperate with this evil woman but he can not refuse her provide due to the fact he want her unlimited resources to revenge the dying of her lover. The struggle in this movie is kind of complex since the "suitable" facet isn't always that top and the "bad" facet isn't always also that terrible. Many gray area proven through character in this movie to show how rotten the politics is.

McGuyver meets.... kdrama

chilligrrl16 November 2019

i was addicted to this until (netflix) episode four once I almost fell off my front room with the shower scene. After putting my eyes lower back in my head i proceeded to binge watch, overlooking the terrible CGI mistakes like when he's taking a small step up and magically flies onto the roof and a number of the bizarre martial arts moves.

A superb motion drama with an very well plot line, with eye candy galore for the girl viewer - i would even upgrade this to a 10 if the shirts come off once more. (extra than as soon as and i'm transferring to Korea the next day). men will love the motion on this series and the McGuyver-esque competencies this man has with the whole thing.

A particular need to-see.

One individual makes the film

soneagu14 October 2019

This film might be a strong 2/10 with out Yun-ah track who performs Choi Yoo-jin. each the script and the play for her person were at the best level, and this saved me looking and looking and looking until closer to the quit of episode 16. Kim Je-ha is non conceivable in masses of situations, Anna isn't horrific, but unnaturally complete of information after an entire lifestyles of whole expertise-less, the others both chuckle like cows after they shouldn't or behave like clowns while the scenario calls for a totally one of a kind mind-set. Yun-ah is incredible, Dong-mi and Sung-ha are kind of adequate, the others are pathetic. The script isn't always horrific, but the different men make it ridiculous.

Kick butt action

alaningle79 September 2020

If you like martial arts motion with a dose of political intrigue and a facet of affection story this may hit the spot. i'm not a huge fan as i can by no means recognize why there is a lot hand handy combating after they have weapons, however I did experience the storyline so stuck with it and universal determined the collection enjoyable. My preferred character changed into Choi Yoo-Jin played by using tune Yoon-ah who even though exceptionally evil you may experience there was a heart in there someplace. the love tale changed into good enough and but for someone who earns his living fighting hordes of humans the male lead become noticeably lucky to maintain his beautiful suitable looks to the quit.

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