Better Days (2019) Chinese Eng Sub Full Movie Download

Better Days (2019) Chinese Eng Sub  Full Movie Download

Better Days is a 2019 Chinese show movie coordinated by Derek Tsang and composed by Lam Wing Sum, Li Yuan and Xu Yimeng. In light of the Chinese youthful grown-up clever In His Youth, In Her Beauty in a real sense "The Youthful You,
So Beautiful" by Jiu Yuexi, the film stars Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee and follows a secondary school young lady battling with extreme harassing and the strain of impending school selection tests, whose life becomes entwined with that of a teen road hooligan.

Better Days was delivered on 25 October 2019 in China and on 8 November 2019 in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Perhaps the most profoundly expected Chinese film in 2019 because of its leads Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee's massive fame,

the film turned into a mainstream society peculiarity in China as well as a film industry hit, earning a sum of US$230.1 million. A basic achievement, the film was picked as the authority section for Hong Kong for Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards;

it turned into the third Hong Kong section in history to accomplish the designation (27 years after Farewell My Concubine, the second), and was the principal selected passage coordinated by a Hong Kong local as opposed to by a Mainland Chinese chief.

Better Days is adjusted from Jiu Yuexi's clever In His Youth, In Her Beauty the novel was additionally deciphered as Young and Beautiful by certain sources).

Creation began in July 2018 and finished on September 10, 2018. The greater part of the film was shot on the spot in Chongqing.

Better Days was delivered on October 25, 2019, in China. It was delivered by Well Go USA Entertainment in Mandarin with English captions in chosen performance centers in the United States and Canada.

The film was pulled from the Berlin celebration's Generation segment.

Best demonstration of the year
xiaohei-801128 November 2019
It will lead u reasoning the blemish of school system we have.Director darely zoom in entertainer facial very nearly 3/4 of the screen to drew u inside the inclination. The cross examination scene will so impeccably edit,

cut and switch between the two lead entertainers Some of the scene where two entertainer will simply looking each other without saying any word and u as of now feel how much difficult stretch they went through..its gradually put the fiery fixings without your notification in start and burst out crying and profound contemplations toward the finish of the film .its certainly the best Chinese film of the year.

the way to progress has its expenses
lee_eisenberg4 May 2021
We frequently catch wind of how understudies in China are among the most dedicated on the planet, genuine determined workers. The underside of this is the serious pressure under which they work. Derek Tsang's Academy Award-selected

"Shaonian de ni" ("Better Days" in English). The hero is a harassed young lady going to take the National College Entrance Exam. She connects with a neighborhood criminal, yet shocks stay coming up.

The torture from the tormenting mirrors the tension from the test. It's a really extreme world for this young lady as different occasions plan to close the dividers in on her. The complicated characters and the overall force of the plot make this one film that you need to see. The first of Tsang's motion pictures I've seen, however I positively desire to see a greater amount of them. A genuine magnum opus.

Solid message!
moviesknight10 April 2020
Tormenting ~ the huge hazard in school. What it means for the tormented individual intellectually, inwardly, genuinely. The job of nurturing. Conceiving an offspring as well as becoming the parent. The school, educators, guardians, regulation, or more all we individuals; need to stop it. The narrating is great. The penance we make, for different people..

Significant message given which we dont believe is a major issue. We take specific issues less significant yet really being substantially more significant. Questions raised on loyality, companions, harassing, nurturing and significantly more. See for the message!

"On the off chance that you weren't the domineering jerk, then, at that point, you were being harassed."
htmlfreak10 November 2019
Each June, right around 10 million Chinese understudies sit for the National College Entrance Examination, or the "Gaokao". For the majority, this nine-hour test is viewed as the main game changer in an understudy's future: Success on the Gaokao decides acknowledgment to China's colleges, which thus decides one's future profession.

Albeit Better Days was at first controlled by the Chinese government, the choice was subsequently different and the film started appearing in theaters. It's not hard to see the reason why it tempted discussion in any case as it depicts the Gaokao as a high tension climate that cultivates harassing, psychological maladjustment, and self destruction. 

It opens a window to an existence where understudies concentrate on vast hours in pack schools for their opportunity at a decent future. Responsibility in harassing cases is a common topic that underlies the film.

However, don't fail to understand the situation, this isn't a tale about the Gaokao. This is a tale about shock. Shock for understudies who are tormented by their companions. Grievousness for single guardians who put their deepest desires on their kids. Misfortune for the people who love unequivocally and will forfeit everything. 

Dongyu Zhou (Soul Mate, Under the Hawthorn Tree) and Jackson Yee (TFboys) are deft as two parts of a romantic tale while Director Derek Tsang breathtakingly catches the sheer scope of the two leads. The cinematography doesn't be ignored either as each shot has colossal profundity for those giving close consideration.

Of the many lines that hang out in this film, one that resounds especially is "In the event that you weren't the domineering jerk, then, at that point, you were being harassed." To me, this makes the film so strong: its capacity to pull at your heart again and again. Go out and see this film. At the point when you leave the theater, consider what you saw. Can't help thinking about how in spite of how far we have come, we actually have such a lot of left to go.

RosanaBotafogo8 April 2021
So miserable, so gorgeous, so genuine, the locations of Chen Nian and Xiao Bei are adorable, idyllic and delicate, make us feel great inside, conversely, the Bullying scenes hurt in the spirit... In any case, a heavenly film selected for Oscar and extremely vital, without a doubt in the debate with Druk and Colectiv (who merits more in the narrative classification) this leads ... Invigorating result, brilliant unfurling, melodious scenes, Dongyu Zhou merited a little Oscar designation... Brilliant...

More promising times
jackson_ro29 October 2019
Tsang is no doubt a power to be figured him. Without him the film is maybe, best case scenario, a 5/10, as the content and story is forgettable and unsurprising. The chief can impart a feeling of innovation and style into the film. Better Days is likewise assisted by having serious areas of strength for a from both of the leads.

In any case, the theme and subject of the film must be let one know way or another, harassing is maybe a frequently failed to remember point in Chinese society, and one that isn't generally perceived in a nation where everything is creating at such a lightning pace. A greater amount of these movies ought to and should be made, works like this brings issues to light however in particular truly takes a gander at the human side and thinking behind harassing.

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