Sweet Combat (2018) Hindi Dubbed Download [G-Drive]

Sweet Combat (2018) Hindi Dubbed Download [G-Drive]

Sweet Combat

Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong feature in Sweet Combat, a Chinese television series that premiered in 2018. Girls of the Wild, a Korean manhwa, is the inspiration for the series.  Hunan TV began airing the series on July 23, 2018.

Ming Tian is a young man who lives with his younger brother and sister after his mother abandoned him and his father died. Despite having no background in sports and needing to work many part-time jobs, he decides to enroll at Zheng Ze University, a sports institution that is recognized for awarding significant scholarship funding despite having no background in sports. He meets Fang Yu, the heir of a massive business who is being groomed to succeed him.

Fang Yu, on the other hand, is uninterested in her family's company and is more interested in athletics. Despite her grandfather's objections, she enrolls at Zheng Ze University and becomes the school's mixed martial arts champion. Fang Yu is assigned to train Ming Tian, and throughout the course of their training, the two fall in love. Ming Tian finally develops into a talented sportsman with the help of Fang Yu and their friends.

ZhengZe University's first male student. He grew up in Macau with his younger brother and sister until he was enrolled on a scholarship at ZhengZe. He is a diligent worker and an honest guy who hides his troubles beneath a grin from others. 

Tian was coached as a youngster by his father, who was a professional boxer under Cheng Yanan's father's instruction. After his father died in an accident and his mother abandoned him, he raised his siblings on his own, prohibiting them from practicing martial arts because of the negative impact it had on his family.

Before relocating, he met Fang Yu in Macau, where they had a rough first meeting. They continue to quarrel after reuniting at ZhengZe, owing to their distinct backgrounds and misconceptions. As they get to know each other better and see different parts of themselves via their encounters, they finally get along. 

Tian becomes friends with Cheng Yanan and Sun Hao; being the second male student at ZhengZe, he also makes friends with Song Xiaomi, who wants to date him. After his High School bully Ma Yichen humiliates him in front of his siblings and sends bad food to his house that his brother ate, he decides to practice for the school's tournament prelims.

He defeats Yichen, gaining confidence in himself and his ability. After some counsel from Xiaomi, he eventually falls for Fang Yu and informs her that he desires to be friends with her. Yu's suitor Wang Shiwei (selected by Yu's Grandfather) assaults Tian, hating him for being impoverished and humiliating him for his heartless and pretentious character.

Tian would have to face Wu Ji, a Krav Maga fighter who, on Shiwei's orders, brutally beats Fang Yu. Tian wins using the Death Strike method taught to him by his Father and Yanan's Father, but Wu Ji assaults Tian from behind, knocking him off the stage and putting him in a coma for a few months.

Until he awakens, he is cared for by Fang Yu and supported by the school. Yu's Grandfather would keep trying to keep them apart, even if it meant using Tian's Father and Yu's Uncle Ji Gang's past. During the one-year hiatus, the plan would succeed until it was revealed that Ji Gang's wife used his death to perpetrate insurance fraud, falsely accusing Tian's Father of murder during their match, letting Tian's Father to carry on with his life. He succeeds Cheng Yanan as Boxing Captain, and due to Yu's brother, he encounters Fang Yu, with whom he renews his romance.


Chen Zhong, a former Chinese taekwondo athlete, was hired as a consultant for the series.

From June to September 2017, the series was shot in Shenchuan and Macau.

Ming Tian (Lu Han, EXO, The Witness) grew up in a poor family. He's always had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and he's been involved in a number of street fights. He enrolls on a sports scholarship at Zheng Ze University since he cannot afford to pay for school. 

Ming Tian, however, has no athletic background. Fang Yu (Guan Xiao Tong, Of Be a Better Man) is the heiress to a multibillion-dollar corporation. She is unconcerned about inheriting the family company or its money.

Instead, she wants to make a career out of what she enjoys: athletics. She enrolls at Zheng Ye University and soon rises through the ranks of the school's boxing team. When Fang Yu is assigned the responsibility of teaching the novice Ming Tian how to box, the two develop affections for one another.

The trouble is, they both know their relationship would never be approved by Fang Yu's family. True love has never felt as powerful as it does now. Ke Han Chen is the director of Sweet Combat. It first broadcast in the year 2018.

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