Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Full Movie Download [G-Drive]

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Full Movie Download [G-Drive]

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Full Movie,. Download Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) 480p in 250MB & 720p in 1GB & 1080p in 2GB.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a computer-animated martial arts fantasy/adventure film created by Toei Animation and written by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise.

It is the twenty-first Dragon Ball feature film overall, the fourth with Toriyama's
involvement, the second to utilize the Dragon Ball Super trademark, and the first to be primarily animated in 3D. [1][2] It was supposed to be released in Japan on April 22, 2022, but owing to an illegal network attack at Toei Animation, it was pushed back to June 11, 2022.

The Red Ribbon Army, an evil organization that Goku previously defeated, has been rebuilt by a group of individuals who have produced new and more powerful Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, and are seeking vengeance on Goku and his friends and family.


Akira Toriyama, the creator of the original series, returns to write the script (including every aspect of the dialogue) and sketch character designs for the film (changing pre-existing characters to their manga designs rather than those used in the anime). He is reported to be even more committed in this picture than he was in the last three he authored.


Before the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, production began. It is the first film in the franchise to be entirely animated in 3D.


On May 9, 2021, a sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly was officially revealed. More details, as well as the film's title, were revealed at Comic-Con 2021. Piccolo, Pan, Krillin, and a new character(s), as well as the concept for Piccolo's residence, were all seen. In a quick glimpse, the character Goku's 3D animation was also presented. [8] On October 7, 2021, the first trailer was released. At Jump Festa 2022, the Japanese release date was announced, as well as a new teaser.


The picture was supposed to be released in Japan 3D, IMAX 3D, and 4DX on April 22, 2022, but it was postponed due to hacking at Toei Animation. It is currently slated for Q3 2022 in North America.

Following the Toei Animation breach, Toei confirmed that the film will be postponed until June 11, 2022.


Two days before the official announcement, a leaked forum on Toei Animation Europe's official website accidently leaked the news about the forthcoming Dragon Ball film.

After Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, this is the second theatrical film to feature the Red Ribbon Army (via its surviving front firm, Red Pharmaceuticals) as the principal villains.

In addition, following Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13, it is the second Dragon Ball theatrical film to include Red Ribbon Androids as prominent enemies!

What We've Learned So Far

This film has been on our radar for a time now. Over the summer, we got a lot of early information and buzz from the San Diego Comic-Con 2021 panel, which included executive producers Akio Iyoku and Hirihiro Hayashia. But, with the Japanese release approaching, I'm looking forward to the next Dragon Ball chapter.

The fictitious Red Ribbon Army, which was originally annihilated by Goku, is resurrected. Goku and his whole Dragon Ball family will be hunted down by the Red Ribbon Army and their Androids. Despite the fact that Goku is at the core of this, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is supposed to be a narrative about Gohan and Piccolo's master and disciple relationship. Previous Dragon Ball films have centered on Goku and Vegeta, but Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will feature a variety of other characters.

There will also be a slew of more characters! The majority of the Dragon Ball cast is shown in official posters and artwork, including the new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. It also contains Pan, who is delightfully little. Piccolo's house appears to be prominently depicted in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

This film will be a sequel to Dragon Ball Super: Broly and will take place after the events of that film but before the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament.

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