Sweet Sixteen 2016 Full Movie [Google Drive]

Sweet Sixteen 2016 Full Movie  [Google Drive]

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen (2016) China Movie DVDRip 480p 720p 1080 mp4 mkv English Subtitles Watch Online Full HD Movie Download.

Kris Wu, Han Geng, Joo Won, and Lu Shan feature in Sweet Sixteen, a 2016 Chinese romantic film directed by Jo Jin-kyu and starring Kris Wu, Han Geng, Joo Won, and Lu Shan. On August 5, 2016, Heng Ye Film Distribution released it in China.


Shu Yawang and Xiao Tian were childhood pals. Yawang is a high school student until her father asks her to instruct Xia Mu, a child many years younger than her who is taken in by her family and had a traumatic history. Yawang, Tian, and Xia Mu are three friends who grow up together, and Tian and Yawang fall in love and start dating. Despite the fact that Yawang regards Xia Mu as a younger brother, Xia Mu develops love for Yawang as he matures into a silent and gloomy adolescent. Tian enrolls at a military academy, while Yawang attends college, and the two finally fall in love and marry.

Yawang graduates and begins working for a landscape development firm, but she attracts unwanted amorous interest from Qu Weiran, the CEO of a firm with ties to Yawang's workplace. Xia Mu admits his emotions for Yawang; she responds that, as his elder sister, she would always be there for him, but her heart belongs to Tian. Yawang is drugged and raped by Weiran after a work function. When Xia Mu learns of the attack, he immediately goes to Weiran's office to confront him. Yawang rushes over to prevent him from acting rashly,

Arriving just as Xia Mu shoots Weiran. She hurries Xia Mu out of the building, and he flees. Weiran, on the other hand, survives the attack, and Yawang learns that she is expecting Weiran's child. She offers to marry Weiran if the allegations against Xia Mu are dropped. She breaks off all contact with Tian, heartbroken, and her parents encourage Tian to go on. When Xia Mu discovers of Yawang's pregnancy, he arranges for her to get an abortion, believing that it would be better for him to destroy his own life than to see Yawang and her child suffer.

Xia Mu surrenders to the authorities and is sentenced to seven years in prison. He is spared life in jail since he freely confesses his guilt. In turn, Yawang brings her rape complaint to court. Weiran is found guilty and sentenced to ten years in jail. Tian begs Yawang to rethink their breakup since his emotions for her haven't changed, but she refuses, saying that they can't go back to the way things were. Yawang informs Xia Mu that she would wait for him when she pays him a visit in prison.


Xia Mu is played by Kris Wu.

Tang Xiao Tian is played by Han Geng.

Shu Yawang is played by Lu Shan.

Zhang Jingyu is played by Bao Bei'er.

Joo won the role of Qu Weiran.

Xiao Xue is played by Zhang Yao.


In China, the picture earned CN151.9 million at the box office.

Sweet Sixteen (2016) is a film that was released in 2016.



At first, everything was lovely and pleasant...

Nearing the midway point: Devastating.. (on unrequited love)

Halfway through: ominous and destructive

Final Thoughts: (It ended nicely, so that's a good sign.)


All of the situations were enhanced by the cinematography and amazing music. I only wish Xia Mu had more speech, but I realize he's a stern and heartless guy from the beginning, so he won't say much. Rather, he will grow as a character as a result of his actions. Throughout the film, you'll observe how much Xia Mu has matured and evolved as a person. He'd gotten himself into a lot of difficulty because of Ya Wang. Despite his impulsiveness, he was heroic in most situations, and he offered this message and lesson to the film:

"Love involves bravery, joy, and sacrifice, but it is not a sin. It'll be a lifetime if you miss it once."

NOTE: Before you go looking for the genuine finish to the original narrative, please see the movie first... You'll be grateful to me afterwards.


So I'd give it a perfect ten out of ten, but the conclusion was too depressing for me. It's something I wish wasn't the case. Those who aren't seeking for a traditional happy ending (I mean, maybe some people will find it slightly pleasant... kinda?) may like the conclusion.

Otherwise, all I have to say is that the acting was spot on. Great. I'm overjoyed since Kris disappointed me in his Never Gone part, so I was a little worried, but it's clear that tragic roles fit him brilliantly.

Hangeng's role is essentially every girl's ideal boy next door, and the female actor was also lovely.

To be honest, you're acting is... incredible. From all of you.

The story was fantastic as well, however the finale was not to my liking. However, in general. It's simply a fantastic film. But be prepared for some emotional anguish since "sweet" sixteen is far from sweet, and the entire video had me going up and down, up and down, up and down. Unpredictable, but thankfully, the mood shift was not at all perplexing. The plot is really crisp and clear, which is always a plus in a film.

In general, I'm adding it to my list of things to watch again. I was not disappointed in the least. Sorry to break the news to those who read the book and then saw the movie, but movies never live up to their novels. Have faith in me. So don't create a comparison that isn't fair. As a movie, and as someone who hasn't read the book, I think it's fantastic and well worth seeing!


There may be spoilers in this review.

What attracted me to this movie was Joo Won, but I wasn't aware of the role he'd play......which I didn't like (but in a nice sense since he performed so well) (but in a good way since he acted so well).

I wasn't sure about the entire Chinese dubbing of Joo Won voice...but I mean it is a Chinese movie so DUH , but his performance lets you forget that.

I think the complete ensemble did a terrific job and the narrative was different. It was a pretty emotional movie....and I teared up a little. I hear it's base off of a book? if so, I really would like to read the book now therefore if anyone knows where I can read it please let me know.

I don't want to give any spoilers away, but I highly suggest this movie.


So, I watched this movie in cinemas and I am the one who created a synopsis on Wiki for it. I went to see with my sister since I did not want to watch it alone. It is really hard to state in general I disliked this movie, for the most part I just loathe the finale.

I am a fan of Kris Wu and that is the only reason why I decided to watch this movie in the first place, but, I truly ended up loathing his role at the end. For those of you who have watched it, I know why he did it, however, he was still wrong and it is against my moral convictions. For those of you who haven't watched, I have a hard time promoting this movie to anybody. I mean, I had pleasure while watching it but, it kind of does not make you ever want to revisit it. The rewatch value for this movie to me is zero.

For those of you who enjoy Joo Won, sorry, but he is evil and does not get better, plus he is the only Korean in this film. He is a superb actor in this picture, though, you truly dislike him.

Also, I feel like this whole narrative could have been rectified if only Kris had not . I felt like the movie lead us up to something and then never fullfilled what it promised to us previously. I mean, truly Kris should have never since the movie informed us he was simply that wonderful and made a point of stressing that point, but, then he still . Ugh, why did Kris ?

Anyway, the music was not especially remarkable save for Kris' song which can be listened to without viewing the movie.

Frankly, as far as the narrative goes I did not care what guy the lady went with. In fact, when I walked into the movie I knew it was sad, but, I assumed it was going to be sad for different reasons. It was incredibly sad, however, not because of the love triangle. Also, I did not like the side pair (actually, only the man, the girl was great) therefore, it was really frustrating when the guy was a buddy of our main character.

So, at the end I am not sure I reccommend this movie at all.


Its alright, Not awful. The rewatch value is up to you. I wouldn't recommend it since its not worth the time, but it is worth viewing it when you have spare time on your hands. Its quite good.




I Love Kris Wu, he is a large part of why I Watched this. I saw Kris Wu and I thought "I gotta see this." when I watched the trailer with Han Geng, and Joo Won, and I felt "I very much must see this."

Joo Won tends to enjoy to perform dramatic characters, this is no exception. The narrative was entertaining and adorable, until it wasn't. The characters were fun and charming, until they weren't. The acting was really fantastic, all along (even Joo Won's dubbing was impressive, unless he wasn't dubbed????).

The narrative, oof, absolutely bad. Really terrible. Overall this is definitely not for the tender-heated.

That being said I felt the tale was a bit fragmented. it needs a little bit to make it feel less fractured. That ending though. *insert furious perplexed face*


Why "Sweet Sixteen"?

"Sweet Sixteen" is a movie I had not heard of, the English title "Sweet Sixteen" makes absolutely no sense with reference to the topic. And because of the title, I figured this would be a romance or a romantic comedy. But it turned out to be something different; This was a play.

It is a drama that follows a disturbed youngster named Xia Mu portrayed by Kris Wu, who is brought to adoption, where he grows falling in love with his adoptive sister Shu Ya Wang played by Shan Lu. But when something dreadful occurs to her, Xia Mu rises up and seeks retribution, wanting to redeem the injustice.

The plot is nice, to a certain degree, enjoyable enough to the point where this dreadful catastrophe happens to Shu Ya Wang. From there, the picture turned out to be a comedy. The film has several fantastic acting performances in it. And I really enjoyed Shu Ya Wang. "Sweet Sixteen" had the potential to be a remarkable movie, but the events of the plot were defined by a farce! And that wrecked the whole context!


There may be spoilers in this review.

weird decision

Another one with a terrific female lead. Almost every movie/series I adore has outstanding female main character performance..

As for the narrative, I felt it was terrific. Truly beautiful first half of the movie, heartbreaking second half.

I'll work now on the 2nd part. The biggest question in my mind is attempting to comprehend why Ya Wang would not go back to her lover after what occurred. I mean I get that, but it would have been just as realistic to have them create a new and stronger bond after the horrible occurrence. They were very much in love previous to the occurrence, and he was remained loyal to her even after what happened.

Would have made for a nicer conclusion if she had embraced him and stayed with him, but then we would not have had the grim, thought provoking finale about what would become of Ya Wang and the kid after his 7 year prison term for what he did for her. The lads absolute commitment to Ya Wang was so great, you could tell quickly after the occurrence that Ya Wang would be bonded to him forever in such a way that she would not able to be with anyone else.

As a side note, adored the second couple, the 'false' beauty and 'bald' man. I enjoyed the part where they 'exposed' themselves, in public and understanding that love is more than simply physical looks. Loved that they found their actual selves.

Overall, a lovely 1st half of movie, taking a terrible turn and then playing out the effects of the life altering tragedy. can't always have the happy ending, but I am good with it.


There's nothing worse than knowing the person you love, doesn't want their heaven with you but someone else. Xia Mu his love for her is so deep and pure but it reaches the height of obsession. Even though Xio Tian is a nice person and it was pleasant watching them grow up together, I could definitely empathize to Xia Mus sentiments for his foster sister. That Joo Won cameo I have mixed thoughts about it but frankly it's because he gave that character this nasty touch.

But I simply thought his being a villain it was done in a not so subtle way. Especially at the beginning it was sort of cringey but then it got better and I was absolutely engrossed in the characters. I think the conclusion was wonderful. But this movie is messed up and I'm grieving over all three of them. Kris, obviously, he's lovely and he gave his role a kind of a wicked sense which I enjoyed. Seriously, he was the one I connected to the most maybe because I'm strange that way. So that was difficult to witness. But seriously despite its shortcomings this one is worth the suffering.


The series was really thought-provoking. I am not a fan of movies that feature violence of certain types. This was a tear jerker for sure. I was not expecting this. I will add that I what I observed in this series was the product of tragedy. It truly got in to how one terrible occurrence may lead to many more. I won’t argue that everything that happened in here was awful but sometimes one unpleasant occurrence might provoke many more. Overall the movie was okay. I simply hope that the finale was better. It was pretty ambiguous. Not delivering a clear finish.

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