My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Hindi Dubbed [Google Drive]

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho Hindi Dubbed [Google Drive]

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (also known as My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox) is a romantic comedy television series starring Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-ah that premiered in South Korea in 2010. [1] It aired on SBS for 16 episodes on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 from August 11 to September 30, 2010.

Cha Dae-woong (Lee Seung-Gi) is a typical college student who aspires to be an action hero. He releases a gumiho (Shin Min-ah), a fabled fox with nine tails who was sealed inside a painting by Samshin Grandmother, by accident one day. Dae-woong suffers a life-threatening fall while fleeing the scene and is only saved by the gumiho handing him her "fox bead." When Dae-woong wakes up and meets a mystery and stunning young lady, he dismisses her as quirky or mentally sick, 

until she reveals that she is a gumiho in human form. Because gumihos are said to eat men's livers, Dae-woong is terrified, and the gumiho takes advantage of his anxiety by keeping by his side. He refers to her as "Mi-ho," and he keeps her happy by purchasing beef for her and concealing her true identity. Mi-ho is desperate to become human, so they make a deal: she will lend him her mystical fox bead in exchange for his improved speed and strength, which will allow him to perform impossible acts, and he will assist her in becoming human. As time passes, they come to know each other better, and Dae-woong is captivated by Mi-youthful ho's amazement at the world.

Park Dong-joo (No Min-woo), a half-human, half-supernatural person posing as a working veterinarian, enters the picture. Mi-ho is told by Dong-joo that if she follows these guidelines, she will be able to turn human: She must sip Dong-blood joo's before implanting her fox bead into the body of a human for 100 days. Her supernatural self will begin to die gradually after she does this. Her gumiho energy will gradually deplete, but her bead will remain in the human for 100 days, absorbing his energy. She will become human after she reclaims her bead. Dae-woong accepts Mi-bead, ho's which she gladly accepts.

Dong-joo, on the other hand, purposefully suppressed the fact that this technique will result in the death of the person. Mi-ho and Dae-woong fall in love without realizing the dangers of achieving her goal: Dae-woong will die in 100 days if Mi-ho becomes fully human, while Mi-ho would die if the bead isn't returned.



Cha Dae-woong is played by Lee Seung-gi.

Cha Dae-woong as a young Hyunwoo

An immature aspiring actor who was reared by his wealthy grandfather and aunt after his parents died when he was young. When his grandfather attempts to enroll him in a severe boarding school, Dae-woong flees and ends up at a Buddhist temple, where a woman's voice instructs him to draw nine tails on a fox artwork. 

Then he meets a female who claims to be the gumiho in the artwork (he later calls her Mi-ho). Fearing that she will eat him, he tries to keep her happy by purchasing her meat (especially Korean beef, which she loves) and concealing her status as a gumiho from others. As they spend more time together, he notices that Mi-ho is cute and full of wonder, rather than the terrible figure of mythology, and falls in love with her.

Gu Mi-ho/Park Seon-ju/Gil-dal is played by Shin Min-ah.

A fabled nine-tailed fox (or "gumiho" in Korean folklore) who was imprisoned for 500 years within a painting. She's wanted to be a human for generations, but reports that she's a femme fatale who eats men's livers caused no human man to want to marry her. 

She possesses superhuman strength, can run at breakneck speeds, leap to incredible heights, and can smell people and items from tremendous distances. Her fox bead (which holds her life energy or "qi") is made of goblin fire, hence she has a deathly fear of water. Dae-woong survives an almost fatal fall from a cliff after she gives him her fox bead.

No Min-woo in the role of Park Dong-joo

A half-human, half-supernatural creature who poses as a regular veterinarian. His original plan was to catch the gumiho and return her to the picture, but when he sees Mi-ho, he changes his mind since she looks exactly like Gil-dal, a goblin he once loved who was deceived by her human lover and perished at Dong-hands joo's decades ago. He acts as Mi-mentor, ho's suspecting that she is Gil-reincarnation dal's and providing her with information about humans. 

He also continuously reminds her that humans are untrustworthy. Dong-joo explains how Mi-ho can become human, obfuscating the reality that Dae-woong will perish in the process. He prepares all of the relevant identifications and paperwork under the name "Park Seon-joo," which Mi-ho will assume once the 100 days have gone and she has completely developed human characteristics. He began to have feelings for Mi-ho as well.

Synopsis of the Story

Cha Tae-Woong (Lee Seung-Ki) is a pampered adolescent who has no desire to attend college. Cha Tae-Woong, on the other hand, aspires to be an action actor. Tae-wealthy Woong's grandfather Cha Poong (Byun Hee-Bong) urges him to focus on his studies and alter his major from performing. When Cha Poong discovers that Tae-Woong has spent his next semester's tuition money on an expensive motorcycle, he contacts the police and declares it stolen.

Cha Poong then picks up Tae-Woong from the police station and drives him to an isolated boarding school in the hopes of convincing him to change his major. Tae-Woong is able to get away from his grandfather and hide in the back of a delivery truck at a rest stop along the road. After then, the delivery vehicle drives away.

Tae-Woong eventually exits the delivery truck, but he soon finds himself in the middle of nowhere on a wet evening. He is then given a ride by a Buddhist monk, who also provides him with lodging at a Buddhist temple.

Tae-Woong wanders off late at night at the Buddhist Temple, seeking to get a signal for his cellphone. He hears a woman's voice on his telephone all of a sudden. Tae-Woong is instructed by the woman to enter the shrine and draw nine tails on a fox painting. When Tae-Woong draws the nine tails on the fox, he unwittingly releases "Gumiho," the famous nine-tailed fox (Shin Min-A). Gumiho only wants to be loved (and eat a lot of beef!). Tae-Woong is afraid for his life.


Casting will conclude in late April/early May 2010, production will commence in May, and the drama will premiere in August 2010.

"My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox" will replace "Bad Guy" on SBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55.

A nine-tailed fox, also known as "gumiho" in Korea, is a monster that regularly appears in Korean folklore. The fox lives for thousands of years before becoming a gumiho. To entice males, the gumiho can morph into different forms, such as a beautiful woman.
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The production staff revealed on May 26th, 2010 that actress Shin Min-A had been cast in the highly coveted role of the nine tailed fox in "My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox." Shin Min-A hasn't appeared in a television drama since 2007's KBS2 drama "The Lucifer" (Mawang).

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